Who we are


  • SYM is a cost effective solution for your Corporate Health and Safety program


  • We are a complete HSE management team at a fraction of the cost, weather you require full time field support, part time administrative support, management system maintenance, injury prevention, injury management or a combination of all. We built our business model to accommodate it all. 


What we can do for you

  • SYM offers GAP analysis on your HSE program to find points of strength to build off of and deficiencies to close in on


  • We offer complete HSE programs built specifically to your organizational needs.

    A Construction Work Site


  • Incident and injury management with trend analysis tied into your company statistics


  • SYM has experienced auditors that can prep your organization into obtaining your COR certification


  • We build and maintain management systems such as ISnet, Canqual and Avetta


How does this save you money


  • With a complete HSE program and a positive safety culture moral increases while turnover decreases saving your organization in recruiting and training new workers.


  • An injury prevention program decreases and manages workplace injuries to help lower your WCB premiums.


  • A functioning HSE program paired with employee buy in will help to gain and maintain a COR certification. With a current COR and proper injury management your WCB costs can go to a 20% discount


  • A COR certification and a discount on WCB costs make your organization a serious competitor within Alberta. More and more we are seeing clients within the oil sands and outside of the industry require a COR to bid on projects.


Certificate of Recognition


  • Maintaining a COR ensures the ongoing review of an employers health and safety management system so that gaps can be identified and corrected. It also provides employers with an Alberta government certificate recognizing their efforts in maintaining a healthy and safe workplace, and, of course, COR qualifies employers for WCB premium refunds of up to 20%.

~Alberta Construction Safety Association~


Where do we start?


  • We start by perform a mock audit on your HSE program. Then make a prioritized actions list and build off of that.


  • Depending on where your current HSE program is at we might start with internal training sessions for your employees, supervisors and managers to ensure compliance is being met and everyone is well vetted on their obligations, rights and responsibilities.


  • We will review your WCB account and look for ways to lower your premiums.


  • At SYM we look for a partnership with our clients, we act as a full time advisor instead of a part time employee.


Our Partnership


  • As any functioning team we will work in terms of specific, measurable and achievable goals with your organization.


  • By keeping open communication and time-bound goals we will continually add to your HSE system by staying current with Industry Standards and OHS regulations.


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